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Trigon Executive Assessment Center is a personal and organizational development firm in business for the purpose of helping people and organizations reach their full potential. We guarantee positive measurable results to those committed to improving performance in their professional business role, whether it be CEO, Vice President, General Management, Sales Management, Sales, Customer Service, or Human Relations and Communications Specialist.

Trigon provides:

  • Personalized leadership and management.
  • Employee Engagement.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Leadership Development.
  • Business Solutions and Strategies.
  • Selection and Retention.
  • Corporate Culture Issues.
  • Change Management.




We help organizations develop “purpose-driven” cultures. The philosophy revolves around a fundamental principle of human motivation.
According to the Gallup Organization, 55% of today's workforce has no enthusiasm for their work. We can help you change this staggering statistic.
Change is a process, not an event. We have several processes to help produce change in your organization.

If you are unhappy with ...

  • Turnover,
  • Employee Performance,
  • Workplace Relationships,
  • Ineffective Leadership?


Then please review our web site and call us at 480-423-1776 or email us so we can help you address these challenges.



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